What will you get?
A fully individualized & customized training program where lifestyle, gender, training experience & muscle development will be taken into account.
A nutrition guidance broken down to the level your require depending on personal knowledge.
Daily Q&A via your preferred communication channel (e.g. email, chat, etc.)
LifeStyle optimization
Is this for you?
If you reach me out, you’ve got a motivation!
You are looking to take your training to the next level!
You have a physique or strength drive looking for optimized results.
You trust yourself in putting the hard work (in-out)side the gym.
You seek for a natural development with minimalistic supplementation.
You embrace challenge and eager to feel better in a self-improvement approach.
Last but not least, you’ve got Diabetes (type 1 or type 2) & wanna achieve your best blood sugar control.
Then I am here to help you!

If you are looking for a quick-fix or short-cuts.
You do not believe that good results are the consequence of hard work.
If you are not willing to invest time (money), mind-power and physical work to get healthier, stronger and lean.
If you do not want to make fitness practice part of your life.
Then I hope you find some that can help you (could be just yourself!)

Do you work with complete beginners?
In order to get the most of online coaching a minimum of 6 months prior training experience is desired. That prior experience makes smoother progress into the training program. When that training experience is not yet acquired, be aware that it will take 8 to 16 weeks to be able to perform the best you can to get the most of your training time. However learning is also progress and it is never too late to start improving yourself.
How are payments made?
A Pay Pal money transfer (billing) date will be agreed upon starting working together.
Do you give refunds?
There could be many reasons to be dissatisfied with the services provided, therefore in case of complaints or poor correlation between expectations and results, a case of prorated refund could be considered.