Luis I. Caballero

Founder of TipoZero.
Having a fulfilling and sustainable lifestyle drives me. I am a kind, but rather direct person. I like things to be clear and therefore benefiting from others giving nothing in return is not the way I am. However, I believe in a well done job recognition.

Highlighted skills:

– Positive thinking
– Empathy
– Planing abilities
– Hard worker
– Interest in the well being and health
– Self improvement

Highlighted knowledge:

– Diabetes type 1 & type 2
– Optimization/individualization of fitness programs (Muscle growth & Fat loss )
– General nutrition for body recomposition
– Fitness exercises execution techniques (Knowing that golden rule does not exist)


– Personal Trainer by Menno Henselmans Institute (BayesianBodybuilding)

Personal information:

Born in Granada 1980. Background in electronics, physics and testing (software). Great interest in health and finding best ways to be helpful to others. That interest leads me to seek for a continuous self improvement and soak knowledge about nutrition and (natural) muscle growth.
Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 22 years old I try to keep a good blood sugar control using an insulin pomp (Omnipod) since 2012.
I try not to compare myself to others, since although we are all humans we all live different lifestyles and have different circumstances. Therefore I strongly believe in a lifestyle optimization on individual basis.

I Am Ready to help You to reveal your best version in the context of a better health in a healthy body and mind which is strong and inherently beautiful.